Project 365 36/365

Ordered some african tea. Not in the picture though. It tasted very weird. Its a tea with milk. Its very fruity in flavour, but with the milk, it tasted ALMOST like latte! A tea tasting almost like coffee.. how intriguing! There is no bitter aftertaste of coffee to the tea, but it has a fruity... Continue Reading →

Project 365 35/365

Being frugal. BEG BORROW STEAL. Actually I ended up paying more than advertised in the coupon. Upsized the drink, added a desert costing almost 3 dollars more than the price of $5.90. T_T

Project 365 34/365

One of my many lecture halls in NTU. Waiting for lesson to start. Actually, i wasnt. I was merely crashing an astronomy class with my friend.

Project 365 33/365

My experimental results. Thin Layer Chromatography. Basically its a glass plate with silica gel on the surface. Various solutions containing different amino acids are added at the bottom. The amino acids travel along the matrix (silica gel) at different rates due to their polarity. The more polar it is, the more interactions it has with... Continue Reading →

Project 365 32/365

I have to read Brave Story first before I can start reading this. List of tons of books in my reading list waiting to be read.

Project 365 31/365

Had so much fun with the Wii. Seriously didnt expect Nintendo to organise such and event in Orchard Road, let alone a tent exhibition just outside  Takashimaya.

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