Project 365 30/365

Went to Woodlands Regional Library to return books, when I encounter a sample of what you can see when you visit Body Worlds. Its a great exhibit. I went the other time when they came to Singapore. This is my second time visiting. They had this huge life size real giraffe with its innards showing!... Continue Reading →

World Holds Breath for Apple's Tablet Debut

In less than 3 hours as of writing, Apple will reveal its latest creation: A tablet like computer that falls between the iPhone and a notebook. Scheduled to be showcased in the San Francisco event, the product will be announced by Steve Jobs himself, after all, he personally oversees the entire project for years. The... Continue Reading →

Project 365 26/365

The new Burger King's Cheesy Spicy Chicken Tendercrisp with Crispy Turkey bacon Stripes is delicious! that is the display poster for the burger. Wanted to take the photo of the actual burger but I forgot. It was sooo good that I missed the opportunity!

Project 365 25/365

Love getting free International Herald Tribune! Great read while in the train. Didnt know the paper costs SGD4.00 per issue o_O.

Project 365 24/365

Our new dining table at on SGD299!! Bought is from Picket and Rail and the International Furniture Center, Sungei Kadut. Flying Dutchman was there as well! Will be delivered just in time for the CNY holidays!

Project 365 21/365

Love it when the bus is empty while on the way to school. Hate it when I only have an hour long lecture for the entire day at 5.30pm. Spending 2 and a half hours traveling from home to school, and back again just to attend a 1 hour lecture.

Project 365 17/365

LV envelope with the purchase receipt printed on Conqueror paper. My mum bought her first LV handbag at Orchard Ion this afternoon. Welcome to the world of Luxury!

Project 365 16/365

Jco donuts!! I love them. The soft dough and everything. Thanks Aaron for the treat today! And I hope you find your Yasogo 90 markers! LOL

Project 365 15/365

Trying to get used to this mouse! Its tougher than just saying it. Still I think the price point of 98 dollars a very steep. Totally messed my budget for this month. But the design is sleek and looks wicked when it on my desktop!

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