Room revamp

Last week I began revamping my room. Previously, I had a sofa and a full HD tv as a computer moniter. Coupled with the Roccat Sova, a sofa keyboard and mouse setup, I played games on my PC from the comforts of my sofa. Now, I decided to revamp my entire room and go back... Continue Reading →

Revamping my room

The last time I revamped my room was just after completing my National Service. That was around 5 to 6 years ago. It involved painting my whole room with two complementary colour tones, “Cappuccino” and “Latte”, dark and light respectively. It also involves getting the necessary furniture to make my room, as I like it. It took a... Continue Reading →


2015 is around the corner, and a new home improvement project is underway. Right after our major holiday trip to New Zealand, plans are underway to revamp one of the rooms that my dad frequently uses in our home. So we have been recycling old books, tons of my old university notes neatly stored in... Continue Reading →

Bluelounge – Studiodesk

Bluelounge is one of many companies that I come across purely from the internet. They make some really innovative products, mainly geared towards Apple products. They also have some great cable management solutions. I went to Courts Tampines the other day and I came across the Bluelounge Studiodesk. The desk offers the most complete, and... Continue Reading →

Random Photos (of my room)

I took a couple of photos of my room. Pretty proud of it, considering I came up with the layout and design of it. But the best part of my room is definitely the computer desktop. I wont show you much of my room. With SGD 1000 budget to remake my room, I must say... Continue Reading →

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