James Morrison soul gooood!

Ok you can throw stones and break my bones. Im very slow when it comes to identifying great music artists that produces great albums now and then. And here it comes again: Was listening to James Morrison’s Broken Strings, featuring Nelly Furtado and i slowly got hooked by its amazing duet performance. Adding to James’s husky, smokey voice, i cant help but to sample more of his tracks. The next day I bought his album. I was sold in less than 24 hours. I immersed myself in every track from his latest album, Songs for You, Truths for Me, and i loved every single one of it. James Morrison is now a singer worth the purchase of not only the album but the album that comes WITH  the dvd!

It seems that im a sucker to singer who have that unique born-like-that, husky, ashy, smokey voice. Somehow im just attracted to singer who have that quality, and if they produce great music, im sold instantly. Duffy, Utada, Adele, and now James Morrison.

1.”The Only Night”  

2.”Save Yourself”  

3.“You Make It Real’ 

4.“Please Don’t Stop the Rain”  

5.“Broken Strings” (feat. Nelly Furtado)

6.”Nothing Ever Hurt Like You”  

7.”Once When I Was Little” 

8.”Precious Love”  

9.”If You Don’t Wanna Love Me”  

10.”Fix The World Up for You” 

11.”Dream on Hayley”  

12.”Love Is Hard”  

13.”Sitting on a Platform”  


James Morrison has a number of great tracks, and his first half of the album is especially strong. Hit titles such as Broken Strings, You Make it Real, and Please Dont Stop the Rain is especially catchy. Click on the above link in the song list to sample them (only 3 though). Overall, this is a must buy album of the year for me and im glad i made a great purchase.

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