Extreme Makeover almost done!

My phase 2 of extreme makeover is done and all that is left is to put up the finishing touches to my entertainment room. I have placed the furniture that are available right now back to the room, after painting the 4 walls. This is what it looks like after painting, showing both, the latte... Continue Reading →

The album is finally here.

The album that ive waiting for has finally arrived! Bought at hmv, i good a little goodie with the purchase: A poster! Woot!   Im surprised that this album would ultimately be the US version. The copy that HMV acquired, i expected that it would be the Hong Kong or Taiwan version, that mirrors almost... Continue Reading →

Extreme Makeover Phase 1

So the first phase of the my extreme makeover has started. Involving the removal of all the stuff from the extra room out to the living room. Its all clutter everywhere. the room will be prepped for painting, most likely starting tomorrow.   The bookshelves will be moved out by tomorrow, after clearing the contents... Continue Reading →

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