And the Best Picture goes to…. SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE!!

Slumdog millionaire bagged the most number of oscar awards in this year's 81st academy award ceremony held just this morning. Having won 8 out of 10 nominations sealed slumdog millionaire's fate as this years best films ever made. Here are the categories in which they have won:   Won: Best Picture - Christian Colson Won: Best Director – Danny Boyle Won: Best... Continue Reading →

Feeling lost, losing my way.

Sometimes, you often times wonder and look at yourself in the mirror, and all you see are the flaws within you. Noone is perfect, yet the flaws presents itself in such ways that you cannot hide from the truth. You see other people, your friends, your family, their traits, their strength and you often wished... Continue Reading →


I watched Changeling this week and Angelina Jolie has put up a stellar performance.   CHANGELING . Changeling is a period movie directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Angelina Jolie. It tells of a true story of the infamous Wineville Chicken Coop Murder, where numerous children were brutally murdered by Gordon Northcott. It also touches... Continue Reading →

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