My computer’s bouts of flu.

I didnt really had a great weekend. I had to spend an entire day fixing up my computer that got crashed for some unknown reason. I couldnt reinstall windows itself and i had to go down to Sim Lim to get experts to do the job for me.

Its all alright now. As a matter of fact, my computer feels like brand new, considering i installed Vista along with an additional 2GB of ram, making it 4GB in total. Running vista, smooth as butter. I also bought a 2.5 inch 160GB hard disk for my PS3. Total damage yesterday was almost 150 dollars. But it was necessary and in due time anyway. Ive always wanted to upgrade my PS3’s hard drive capacity and since i was at Sim Lim fixing my computer, i bought one on that day too.

So with Vista, i must say its a feature packed, heavy laden piece of OS. Lots of new features and stuff i need to learn. Im just about getting used to the interface and how things work in general. In the coming weeks, i’ll slowly learn the more intricate areas of the OS. But it feels stable so far. It has to feel stable, after downloading over 100 updates within hours of installation, just to fix the OS.

So with Vista, i managed to use Direct X 10 for games. Currently the only game i have that utilizes Direct X 10 is Assassin’s Creed, but ive yet to play thoroughly to see any differences. I did however, downloaded Futuremark’s latest benchmark tool, 3D Mark Vantage. It is the latest benchmark by Futuremark to use Direct X 10 features in their benchmark tests.

It was a near total disaster for my graphics card, the ATI Radeon 3850. The graphics tests were a slaughter. The benchmark was merciless. Averaging around 10 fps throughout the graphics tests, and attaining a mere 3400 in the overall score. It was depressing to say the least. But still, the graphics used during the tests was a notch above the previous one. Alot of incredible postprocessing effects were used. I particularly like the sci fi test called, New Calico. It was dead gorgeous, but a living nightmare for my graphics card. Just take a look at all these screenies to see what i mean. Hyper

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