Haagen Dazs Cafe

I dont usually go to such high end cafes that sells high end ice creams. I do eat them at home occasionally by buying those ice cream tubs. But going to a cafe and splurging my money on deserts? Not really my cup of tea. Yesterday was an exception. I was sick last weekend, down... Continue Reading →

Future MRT of Singapore

There have been a lot of digging around Singapore in the past 10 years or so. With the construction of the Circle Line underway, and scheduled to open in 2010 and beyond, it would be the world's longest fully automated train network. Over 30 stations that encircles the downtown area of the country, it is... Continue Reading →

New Blog Url

Noticed anything different on my blog recently? Well... its the url of course! After months of deciding whether to purchase a domain through wordpress.com, i have finally made up my mind. For 15 bucks a year, which is pretty decent, especially for someone who knows next to nothing about hostings, and domains etc, i get... Continue Reading →

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