Worry wart

"When the realities of life crashes down on you, and the carefree days are over. You are falling. You need to pick up the pieces quickly, or it will be too late." Im a worry wart. I worry alot. Over small things even. Its really distracting me from my work and my outlook in life.... Continue Reading →

Dual monitor test setup

So i was pondering on what to do with the old LG lcd computer monitor that have been laying waste in the living room. Obviously no one wanted to used it after i upgraded my computer with a 20 inch monitor to boot. So i decided to plug the old 17 inch monitor to my... Continue Reading →

Martian Skies

You know, after having played through Mass Effect and with the recent image release of the new Mars Phoenix Lander and its quest to find ice and water, i came across this website. It showcases some of the most beautiful and stunning images of Mars and its martian skies. After looking through it, i can... Continue Reading →

Bioware’s Mass Effect complete!

So i completed Bioware's latest sci-fi epic RPG, Mass Effect for the PC yesterday and i had a wonderful time playing it for the past 3 weekends. So what do I think about this new franchise that Bioware has created? To summarize it in one word, i would say: Entertaining. Bioware simply amazes me up... Continue Reading →

Y the Last Man Graphic Novel Complete!

After a year of waiting and collecting, the final volume of Y the Last Man graphic novel, Volume 10, has finally hit the shelves. This volume concludes the the epic story of Yorick Brown, the last surviving male, after a mysterious event happened that obliterated the entire male population of the world. As the story... Continue Reading →

My call has been answered

Sometimes, you have no choice but resort to really unconventional methods to really wish for a better life. The laws of attraction, while i was doubtful at first, is starting to mysteriously work in my favour. Anyways, alot of things happened this week, and it took turn for the better, which i hope it would... Continue Reading →

Mushishi is truly magical…

You know, with all the talk about mushishi in my blog, i still cant find a suitable way to best describe this outstanding anime nor categorise them in any of the major genres. Ive watched a lot of animes in the past 4 years and have still numerous backlogs of anime series still waiting to... Continue Reading →

That’s what friends are for

Sometimes looking back, and the friends that ive made along the way, i sometimes start to wonder whether ive been giving my friends the well deserve treatment and respect that they ought to get. Its not that i take them for granted in any mean way, rather i feel really appreciative for some of the... Continue Reading →

Mushishi DVD collection completed!

I dont have the pictures to show the entire collection just yet, but suffice to say that i have finally bought all 6 volumes of the DVD and it looks sweet when all of them are placed in the collection box that came with the first volume. Although the final volume was released months ago,... Continue Reading →

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