Applying my success principle No. 1

So i came across this book and it was kinda interesting. It is a self help book, similar to The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens. The 7 Habits books was a great help and it helped it achieve my goals set out in the short term. But lately i have been deviating from my principles and life wasnt just what it used to. I feel directionless of late.

So now after having bought The Success Principles for Teens, i decided that its high time that i should take control of my life once more. This book is written by Jack Canfield, the author popular for the Chicken Soup series and Kent Healy. It basically highlights the various principles that successful people apply in their lives. I havent finished reading it, rather, i just completed the first principle in the book, and that is:


This principle basically teaches you and make you realise that the action you take will completely affect the outcome and that no one, but you have control over your own action. The desired outcome that you want to achieve, lies 100% in your actions. In other words, if you want to achieve something, you must have the mentality that you must take 100% responsiblity of your actions, and ultimately your life. The principle also gives examples on why people dont succeed in achieving the things they wanted. The main reasons would be, that they blame on everything else except himself when things dont go their way. People have that mentality that they cant do it, or its just how it is with the person.

I had my first taste in achieving the desired outcome when i started applying this first principle at work. It was also rather significant for me, because if i hadnt take the correct action, it might be quite disastrous for me. And when i say disastrous, it really mean disastrous. For if i were to choose not to do anything about it, i have compromised the safety of my men. It was hardwork trying to get things right on my own for the first time, without external help, but it finally paid it off, and now i am relieved that everything went well. It wasnt the smoothest of journey to achieve the desired outcome, but at least my conscience is clear now, and i can breathe easy.

The first principle definitely paved the way to realising the fact that it helps. No matter how small the action you take, it might have a big and lasting impact in you and other people around you.

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