In The Pipeline: Comics [Sept – Oct]

Im not really a big fan of superhero comics like spiderman, or batman. But there are a few worthy titles that im collecting right now.

Runaways [Volume 3 of ~]

I collect Runaways when they have compiled into one thick, hardcover volume. Its much more worth it that way and the printing is really neat and huge. Just bought volume 3 early this month and its a fantastic series to collect. Ill buy the next one as soon as it has been released (Don’t know when), without delay. The cliffhanger is somewhat unbearable.

Y The Last Man [Volumes 9 of 10]

The release date of the last volume is still unknown but as soon as its out, Y The Last Man would officially be the first comic book title to complete its collection. Overall, its been a thrilling ride and I cant wait for Hollywood to make a movie out of it.

100 Bullets [Volumes 2 of ~]

Im putting this into a semi hiatus state. I already have 2 volumes and about more than 10 have been released so far. Im really lagging behind in this comic book title. The reason being im still mulling over whether i should continue this series or not. Its not that i hate the story, its just that the whole noir, crime and violence atmostphere is wearing me down, especially when there are soo many plotlines taking place at once and they intertwine each other.At the rate im collecting, you tend to forget essential plotlines from the previous volume, resulting in rereading it again and somehow, im not connecting to the characters or the story at all thus far. Only time will tell.

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