Say goodbye to concession rates!

I've been travelling the MRT using concession. Im a heavy MRT user and its a steal travelling the MRT, using up all the 4 rides for the day, travelling anyway i want. I usually save alot on travelling when im using the monthly concession rates. Its even a bargain now that im working, often times... Continue Reading →

Base Ball Bear’s 5th Single out!

Well it was out for a couple of weeks already, but i havent been really following the releases recently. I dont really know much about the band itself, but I kinda like their vibe when i listened to the opening song (by them) from Ookiku Furikabutte, and I thought it was pretty good. So having... Continue Reading →

Catherine Tate comedy.

Ever since a friend of mine, Angeline recommended me a bunch of humorous comedy from Britain, i just couldnt stop finding more clips of Catherine Tate. Catherine Tate is a British comedian and actress. Her humorous comedy sketches were nothing short of extreme laughter when i first watched it on youtube. There are a many... Continue Reading →

Utada Hikaru’s Beautiful World Full song!

Finally i got my hands on the full song of the beautifully rendered song, Beautiful World!. Having listen to hundreds of times already, i must say, this is by far my favourite single releases since Flavor of Life. Preview the full song here. Meanwhile, Utada's latest single will be released on 29th August 2007.  It... Continue Reading →

1st month.

Its been a month since i started working in this company, promoting handphones. So far its been a pleasant experience and im quite surprised that at times i actually enjoyed working as a promoter despite its long hours. Im only working as part time, just to pass my time, while waiting for NS. Throughout the... Continue Reading →

Adverts… at all the wrong places.

Was surfing around the web when i stumbled upon and it just made my day. You've always known that ads, be it on the TV, film, posters or just anywhere else can be a powerful marketing campaign for a product or service. But just look at these adverts and more  when they are placed... Continue Reading →


So i was reading the Digital Life section that came together with The Straits Times, and i came across this article on,  a community meta blog for Singapore Bloggers. Now why didnt i heard of such thing before? I must be a total ignorant fool for not knowing such site exist! Anyways, im glad... Continue Reading →

Utada Goodness!

As youve noticed, Utada Hikaru will be contributing a song from the upcoming Kiss&Cry single for "Rebuild of Evangelion" Movie. "Beautiful World" will be the opening theme for the movie. Meanwhile the exclusive trailer for the movie will feature another of Utada's remakes, "Fly Me to the Moon", which will also be included in the... Continue Reading →

Abingdon Boys School, Nephilim single out!

Sorry if im a little "wols", but Abingdon Boys School's latest single, Nephilim was out on the fourth of july. And it couldnt come at a better timing when the band performed during Live Earth, with billions of potential viewers. Ive watched their performance on Live Earth, and it was quite good actually. Love their... Continue Reading →

The Science of Fart

This nifty little video talks about the science of fart, how its diffused into the air and the most effective means of putting the blame on others as you whisk it away from your very own fart! Freaking hilarious, but at the same time thought provoking, dont you think?

A sense of loneliness creeping in.

As the days passed, more and more of my friends entered NS, and started their basic military training. Today, i woke up incredibly early and sent off 2 of my closest secondary school mates to Tekong. It was full of mixed feelings for me, to see my friends going on to their new phases in... Continue Reading →

Random Musings and state of health.

Something was wrong with me last week. Suddenly for some unknown reason, i hadnt been eating well. I thought that i was getting real sick, and i just lost my appetite. I cant seem to eat at least half of the meal presented, be it breakfast, lunch of dinner. I still cant explain why though.... Continue Reading →

Weekend work work

Yeah, so i was working during the weekends, my so called first real job after my graduation. Its a temporary thing, since im helping my friend to do it. I promote handphones is what i do during the last weekend. Just stand there, and promote the phones you are supposed to promote. Its kinda tiring,... Continue Reading →

Ecchi! Around my neighbourhood!

There are reports calling for eyewitnesses for crimes on "Indecent Exposure". This is the second time in 2 months that ive seen such signs been placed along the streets around my neighbourhood.  Both cases involving indecent exposure. The first reported case what ive seen was placed on a busstop, near Admiralty Primary School. The second... Continue Reading →

Graduation Pictures!

So here are some of the graduation pictures! Some were taken by my classmates and have generously sent it to me. Click on the images for a larger version of it. These images were taken right after the ceremony was over. Not all of us attended the graduation ceremony, which explained the reduced number. But... Continue Reading →

Transformers Movie Review.

Transformers exceeded all expectations for me. Watched on Sunday last week, it could be the best summer films in 2007. After a somewhat lackluster opening summer movies like Spiderman 3, Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer and Pirates of the Caribbean 3, Michael Bay has undoubtedly created his best movie yet. Teaming up with... Continue Reading →

Ookiku furikabutte

Months back, when the list of all the animes that would be released were out, it was hell for me. Previewing over 50 new titles was a daunting task. As with any other season of the year, when it comes to Spring, or Autumn, its always been a very busy part of the year. After... Continue Reading →


Today, I officially graduated from NYP!!!!!! [And of all days, I aint feeling well today 😦 ] Three years in the making, its been an incredible journey in the School of Chemical and Life Sciences, taking a course in Molecular Biotechnology. The graduation is the first day of a few days of graduation ceremonies, and... Continue Reading →

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