Mushishi DVD box set arrived!

It came in good timing after my 2 weeks in confinement in BMT. My wildly anticipated package has arrive safe and sound. Now my experience from ebaying has been a positive one indeed and i hope it will continue to do so for future purchases. Title: Mushishi Licensed by: Funimation Region: 1 (NTSC) Resolution: 720x480... Continue Reading →

Fate/Zero figure pair [Gorgeouslicious]

[This would be my last post before heading to Tekong, but anyways ill be back in 3 weeks time.] Ive seen the Saber model donning in black suit under the Fate/Zero franchise and i thought it looked cool. Though the anime is really interesting, it wasnt good enough to really capture my attention. Sure i... Continue Reading →

Utada Megane KAWAIIIIII!!!!!!!!

Stumbled upon this really really but wonderful clip of Utada wearing glasses. At first, the moment she puts on the glasses, the audience gaze in wonder while shouting "Kawaiiiii...." But as soon as she started posing, the crowd goes wild!! I couldnt help it but laugh at the way she poses.

Where is my package!?

Gargh! I ordered the Suzumiya Haruhi Kyon Character CD and my Mushishi anime DVD starter set and they have yet to arrive! I'm going to NS on friday and i was hoping to recieve them before i enlist, but those 2 packages are nowhere on sight. Its been a little more than 2 weeks already... Continue Reading →

Heroes In Singapore!

They were here last friday, it was an awesome but short experience. Hiro Nakamura, Nicky Sanders, Mohinder, and Greg were here in Singapore for the last stop of the Asia Tour and i had a glimpse of them in action! Their appearance took place at Vivocity, 3pm. I was there around 2pm and there were... Continue Reading →

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