Iron Man fine art statue from Kotobukiya (drool fest)

Kotobukiya recently announced a Kotobukiya Marvel team up, involving a multiyear, expansive worldwide licensing agreement for a wide range of high end collectibles. The first 2 marvel heroes to be immortalized by Kotobukiya, famous for creating high end, quality figurines, art statues, book ends and character buffs are Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk. Click... Continue Reading →

Fate/Zero figure pair [Gorgeouslicious]

[This would be my last post before heading to Tekong, but anyways ill be back in 3 weeks time.] Ive seen the Saber model donning in black suit under the Fate/Zero franchise and i thought it looked cool. Though the anime is really interesting, it wasnt good enough to really capture my attention. Sure i... Continue Reading →

In The Pipeline: Comics [Sept – Oct]

Im not really a big fan of superhero comics like spiderman, or batman. But there are a few worthy titles that im collecting right now. Runaways [Volume 3 of ~] I collect Runaways when they have compiled into one thick, hardcover volume. Its much more worth it that way and the printing is really neat... Continue Reading →

In The Pipeline: Manga [Sept – Oct]

So its been almost 9 months since I started collecting mangas. I currently collecting the following series: Fruits Basket [7 of 23] I'm currently at Volume 7 and of all the series im collecting, this is at the forefront. Ill be investing more heavily on Fruits Basket over the next two months. Ill probably buy... Continue Reading →

Kino’s Figure!

Seeing is believing indeed! I've never thought that i would easily fall in love with another figurine after Blood+. Seeing Kino's figure from the popular Kino no Tabi anime series, i was ecstatic! (and a little worried that i might blow huge chunks of cash on PVC) Came across Clockwordmanchina's entry whilst digging deep into... Continue Reading →

Hare Hare Yukai Madness!

You know after all the "hoo-haa" thats going on around Odex and the anime community in Singapore, i must admit that even an anime freak like me must come to understand and stand up for my actions for once. Yes i admit that ive been downloading anime for the past 4 years and with this... Continue Reading →

Skagen Watches

I was shopping around when i stumbled upon this particular watch that caught my attention. Ive always had a knack for all things slim. Ever since i had my Samsung X820 handphone a year back, i knew i had made the perfect choice my for mobile needs. For the first time when i saw... Continue Reading →

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