In The Pipeline: Manga [Sept – Oct]

So its been almost 9 months since I started collecting mangas. I currently collecting the following series:

Fruits Basket [7 of 23]

I’m currently at Volume 7 and of all the series im collecting, this is at the forefront. Ill be investing more heavily on Fruits Basket over the next two months. Ill probably buy 2 or 3 volumes more. The latest arrival this month was volume 5 to 7. One of the more enjoyable series to collect.

Death Note [12 of 12] ~COMPLETE~

Ive just bought my final 3 volumes last week, thus completing the entire 12 volume series. A special volume 13 will be released sometime January next year i heard. Gotta keep an eye on that. Death Note would officially be the first manga title to complete its collection.

Bleach [ 7 of ~] 

My collection of Bleach Manga has been slowing down. I think its been 2 or 3 months since i last bought it. I’ll probably buy 1 or 2 more over the coming months to expand the collection. Its been slow, but ive got other series to consider.

NaNa [1 of ~]

This series would be on hiatus at the moment. Ive only bought the first volume. A total of 6 have been released by Viz so far, but apparently, the release schedule are awefully long. So in this case, ill put this title on a low priority status. Ill focus on other titles for the time being.

Ouran High School Host Club [2 of ~]

This is the latest title that im collecting. Im collecting my own local version of the english manga, by Chuang Yi publishing. So far im very impressed by the overall quality of the translations as well as the paper used for publishing. And its pretty cheap too. I might give this title more support for the next two months. Ive already collecting volumes 1 and 2.

Ill be starting my collection on these 2 titles.

1. Fullmetal Alchemist

Again, ill be collecting the Chuang Yi version, because its cheap and good! I expect the manga to be real good and would definitely be following this series closely. I cant afford to buy anymore of those American imports, with the blockbuster title Fruits Basket and the never-ending Bleach manga, im glad Chuang Yi at least have the english translation to Fullmetal Alchemist manga for the local market.

2. Vagabond [1 of ~]

I was going through some scanlations, or rather, scouting for manga titles to collect, when i came across Vagabond. It was good. I really like those large 2 page panel drawings. Really detailed, really raw in the art. And i noticed that (again money issues) Chuang Yi had the rights to translate it to english for the local market. Double whammy! I’ll be starting on this soon too.

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