Changi Jewel at night

When I first laid my eyes on the world’s tallest man-made waterfall at the new extension of the multiple award winning airport, Changi Airport, I was blown away. The greenery all around the majestic waterfall was truly a sight to behold. This nature theme retail space that connects to the major terminals of Changi Airport (Terminals 1, 2 and 3) has quickly become an international icon and a must-see attraction for travelers all around the world.

Changi Jewel at night.

Spanning 10 floors, 5 above and 5 below, it not only contains shops and dining options, but also a whole host of other attractions that allows you to soak in the nature and greenery throughout the dome contained within. Surely this new extension will cement Changi Airport as the world’s best airport for many years to come.

I initially visited the complex when it was just opened and it was packed with people. This time I visited the complex again at night where it is much quieter. I brought my camera along with me to take some night shots of the place and it turned out really magical and ‘Avatar-like’.

Changi Jewel in monochrome
The nature trails all along the edge of the rain vortex waterfall has this ‘Avatar’ feel to it when walking the trails at night.
Changi Jewel during the day.

To view more images of Changi Jewel you can visit the link Here

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