Ratatouille… A fine dining experience at the theaters.

So i just came back from a screening of Pixar’s latest animation film, Ratatouille and i must say its a fine dining experience at the theaters. Almost all the elements that makes up the story were well done and somehow it feels kinda refreshing, despite knowing that Pixar’s film somehow uses the same success formula applied in previous films.

Before this movie came out, not much of the plot were given away judging from the trailers and such. I even had some reservations on whether this would be another Pixar hit or the first ever flop for the company. But it was the former that reigned champion. To keep it short i shall not spoil the story for you to those who havent seen it, but all i can say is that as with other previous films, Ratatouille is highly original, highly unique. Combining the elements of a rat who can cook like top rated chef, while at the same time trying to overcome constraints and challenges added a slew of original humour that can only be found in this film. I can assure you that by watching this film, you’ll be in for a few good laughs.

On a more technical side, the characters are really well done and varied. Ive never seen CG characters look so dynamic before, and as always, with the advent of better computer technologies, Pixar is constantly at the forefront in breaking the boundaries at what CG animation can or cannot do. You’ve seen how toys being animated in Toy Story, insects in A Bug’s Life, fishes that behaved realistically in Finding Nemo. Ratatouille is no exception either.

For those who have yet to watch, i highly recommend watching in digital format, as it really brings out the vibrancy of this film. And do come early for the movie as well, because Pixar has come out with another hilarious short film just before the main movie. No, its not about a bunch birds on the electric cable this time. This time is about alien abduction gone horribly wrong!

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