The Addon C10 first week impressions

It’s been roughly a week since I gotten my hands on AudioPro’s Addon C10 multi-room speakers. I have tried listening to music from a wide range of genre using the speaker and right off the bat, my initial impression was just how powerful this speaker can get when you really crank up the volume.

I have the C5 which I bought a few years ago and I was blown a way by the sound quality coming off from such a neat little package. The bass from the C5 is punchy and the mid and highs are warm with a level of clarity you rarely get out of a speaker from this size and from this price range. The Addon C5 is meticulously engineered to project crystal clear sound, giving you an illusion that the speaker is more capable than it looks.

Now, imagine the Addon C10 just like the C5, but everything is amplified by a factor of 2. The C10 is louder, bassier, punchier and overall just more powerful. The C10 is more suited for bigger rooms, especially the living room. One Addon C10 is enough to fill a large room with big sound. The bass coming out from the Addon C10 is just unbelievable. It’s much lower, punchier than the C5, without sacrificing clarity from the mids and high that I enjoyed from the C5. Because it has two small tweeters for the mids and highs, those tweeters actually project stereo sound, so if you place the C10 in a small room, like a bedroom for example, you can actually enjoy stereo sound just from one Addon C10. This is a fantastic feature as usually speakers designed multi-room speaker setups, usually do not have stereo surround sound, unless you pair with another identical speaker and space them apart in the room. The Addon C10 on the other hand can go solo and will still sound great. With that being said, I cannot imagine how loud a pair of C10 can get when paired and placed in the same room together. It would have been overkill for such a set up. I can understand pairing two C5 for great sound separation and an overall louder sound profile, but the C10, pairing is just unnecessary (unless you are talking about placing it in a different room in the house).

Overall, I think this will make a great addition to my Project Turntable, a minimalist pairing of the Addon C10 with my upcoming Sony turntable that I will be purchasing soon. I am excited to embark on a new listening journey by going analog and growing my vinyl collection.

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  1. Hi

    I have had the same speaker just over a year and think it’s fantastic!

    I am also on the vinyl trail. How have you found the the audio pro performs with vinyl?

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