Bought the AudioPro Addon C10!

Operation Turntable is go for launch. After weeks of researching, I have decided to push through in starting a new hobby: Turntables. I have decided to set up a turntable and speaker system in a small corner of my room. I have finally chosen which turntable to buy, which speakers to accompany the turntable and which vinyl records to own.

For now, I have bought the first item in my turntable set up: The AudioPro Addon C10. I love this speaker. Very minimalist and nordic in design. I currently owned the younger brother, the Addon C5 in grey and they sound terrific. The C10 is larger not only only in terms of physical size, but sound stage and bass. The C10 will be a great companion for my upcoming turntable, being able to connect to the turntable directly or via bluetooth and with multi-room support, I can stream whatever that is playing on the turntable to other speakers in the house.

I also bought the white version, because it will stand in great contrast to my black furniture surrounding the whole set up. I cannot wait to connect everything together to be finally able to receive the turntable, and some vinyl record to start with and just disconnect from the world, listening to my favourite music in my room without any distractions. To be able to just pay attention to the here and now, the sounds that are currently coming out from the turntable and simply appreciate music much more deeply than before. Looking back, with the advent of streaming, it has been a long time since I actually pay attention to music, listen to every track in an album, rather than skipping from one song to another, or one artist to the next.

While music streaming services provides great convenience to music lovers by having millions of songs at a touch of a button, I believe we are starting to lose our ability to appreciate music on a much deeper and personal level.

I think vinyl records are going to change the way I listen to music. It will definitely go back to its roots in the proper way of listening to an album. Already, while researching all these and selecting the right gear and albums to kickstart my journey, I have already noticed the change in me in how I approach music.

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