Vinyl records are on the way. Here is the first one.

Previously I mentioned that Operation Turntable is go for launch. Ever since then I have done some research online and looked through my past (all the old songs I am familiar with during my childhood days) to see just what kind of music is worth getting on vinyl. I have bought a number of them online through multiple online sources like Amazon, Vinyl Me Please, even on Carousel and official merchandise stores of respective music groups.

All those vinyls are on the way to me now, shipped from the USA. Now is just a matter of waiting patiently for all the vinyls to arrive at my doorstep. It is quite strange this time round as I am quite nervous about those vinyls currently being shipped. I hope it is not too battered while making it journey to me. Those things are extremely fragile and I do not want to go through the process of contacting sales and asking for a either a refund or a another copy shipped to me.

Not that it matters much now, because the new house is still under renovation and will not be fully ready till the third week of July. I can technically start moving in a week earlier, which will give ample time for the vinyls to slowly trickle in. In the meantime, the last piece of the puzzle is ordering the turntable from Sony, or rather specifically, Krishop. I will be using my Krisflyer miles points to redeem a turntable from their online store, since in the light of the pandemic, there is absolutely no chance of redeeming those points for air tickets for travel anytime soon. So the next best thing is a turntable.

So allow me to unveil one of the very first batch of vinyl that I ordered online that is officially to be part of my budding vinyl collection.

Odesza – A Moment Apart LP

I am a recent fan of Odesza. But why did I choose Odesza to be part of my initial vinyl collection?

Why I chose Odesza – A Moment Apart on Vinyl?

I first heard of Odesza when one of their earlier electronic track was prominently featured on an Apple advertisement, showcasing the new iPhone. And since then, I started following their music and came across their latest release, ‘A Moment Apart’.

It took me a while but I eventually fell in love with their music. While their music is mainly categorised as electronic music, unlike other electronic music groups out there, I find their music, somewhat soothing and not as ‘loud’ and ‘boisterous’ as other groups. Electronic music nowadays have a tendency to be heavy in bass, with beats that, while addictive to listen to, feels, on the other hand, hollow and cheap. Odesza on the other hand is easier to listen to. Mixed with uptlifting and slow tracks together, this entire album features a great creative mix of music that really showcases their capabilities as a group.

I can definitely imagine listening to their entire album on vinyl in one sitting while doing nothing but lazing around in my room, just absorbing every single beat and rhythm that this album has to offer. That is why, I chose this album from Odesza to be part of the vinyl collection.

The vinyl is currently in Singapore somewhere lounging among the other parcels that came through by air. It is just a matter of time before it arrives in my hands. I cannot wait!

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