The New Yorker keeps getting my address wrong.

I have been a big fan of The New Yorker Magazine. I started reading as a digital subscriber about three to four years ago and has never stopped since. Recently I decided to upgrade to a print and digital subscriber. As a reader from Singapore, shipping the magazine to my home all the way from the USA on a weekly basis is not cheap. International subscription prices are substantially higher than local US deliveries.

That did not deter me from trying out a digital and print subscription for a year. Upgrading was painless. What was painful was trying to get Conde Nast, the publisher to get my address right. I have been getting intermittent deliveries with missed issues ever since I started on the new subscription plan. It was only recently that I realised they got my postal code all wrong. Trying to update my address online was futile. I emailed them to personally tell customer service department to update to my correct postal code. They acknowledged that they have issues getting overseas postal codes correct through their website. After emailing them to update my account to the correct address, for some reason, I am still getting intermittent deliveries.

My last resort was to cancel my subscription and create a new account with a brand new subscription, this time entering my correct address. But lo’ and behold, they still got it wrong! The online subscription portal somehow did not capture my unit number. I immediately told them about the error and told them my correct address. They seem to acknowledge it. Now with the new subscription and correct address, I have to wait 4 to 6 weeks before the first issue arrive. It’s been close to 3 weeks and I really really hope that they get it right this time round. Already my print copies have missing issues from the previous subscription that I abruptly cancelled. Now I don’t know which issue will the old subscription ends, and which one will the new one begin. I wouldn’t be surprise if there are overlaps in the subscription, receiving two of the same copies. That would have been a waste.

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