I have been diagnosed with shingles

Last week I went to see the doctor and I was diagnosed with shingles. The doctor gave me 10 days of medical leave, instructing me to stay away from people unless I want to spread the infection to kids who are most susceptible to the virus, which can cause chickenpox to the unvaccinated few. I... Continue Reading →

I ordered an iPad Air 2019 for my dad.

After weeks of deliberation, I decided to take the plunge and ordered an iPad Air for my dad. I latest generation of iPad Air was just released this year sometime in March. I ordered Amazon US, rather than locally, because I discovered that I can get a better deal overall. Factoring the price of the... Continue Reading →

Need to get my running mojo back

I have been running regularly for the past 5 years now. By running regularly, I mean to commit to running at least 3 times a week. Some days, I feel totally unmotivated to move my ass and to just go for a quick run. So sometimes, I fail at keeping to my thrice weekly running... Continue Reading →

iOS 13 for iPad is now known as iPad OS

Last night, I watched the entirety of the WWDC 2019 keynote, announcing a slew of new software changes and update coming to all Apple devices this fall. One particular update that caught me off guard was the renaming of iOS13 for iPad to a standalone iPad OS. And the new OS just for the iPad... Continue Reading →

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