Going to Iceland, again!

So shit just got real. Previously me and my dad were just casually discussing about going on a trip to Iceland. Obviously I went there with my friends 3 years ago in February of 2016. It was full on winter. Super cold and the snowy landscape was just drop dead gorgeous. Of course, the landscape changes with the seasons. Winter looks totally different as compared to summer.

This year, my family and I are going to Iceland in October. Autumn! Just as the seasons are beginning to change, but not fully snowy yet. It’s going to be a dramatic change for me going there again, I might not even recognise some of the places that we would be going!

Today, we just booked our tickets to Copenhagen, Denmark, before making our way to Reykjavik, Iceland. It is the same flight itinerary that me and my friends went. I don’t mind at all. I like Copenhagen and its an easy city to navigate at just the right size that is within walking distances to major sights within the city. It’s going to be an easy for my parents as well. As for the time of the year we are going to Iceland. It’s near freezing at times, but not overly cold like the last time we went, where temperatures can plummet to -20C! That is too much for my parents to handle. Going in October should be just nice for time to enjoy the mossy green landscape with a scattering of snow and ice at upper elevations.

We are going to self drive again, but this time a couple of days shorter. We will see how that will turn out this time round. We will be spending a bit more time in Copenhagen as compared to my last trip. This is a good opportunity for me to explore a little bit more around the city and perhaps beyond.

I so psyched!

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