Fitness goals for 2019 (New Year Resolutions 2019)

I achieved my fitness goals for 2018. I got a silver for my IPPT. I exercised regularly, at least 3 times a week. Of course I lapse every now and then, failing to achieve the thrice weekly workouts, but I maintain my routine well enough and improve my fitness levels to be able to achieve a silver standard for my IPPT. I achieved it in the new IPPT cycle right after my birthday. I did my IPPT in camp during my annual ICT training. The redeeming factor of my entire experience during ICT was, you guessed it, getting the silver standard for IPPT.

This year, my fitness goals are largely unchanged. I will still exercise 3 times a week. But this time, I will make it more intense, combining cardio interspersed with strength training. I want to have a more toned body shape, perhaps a six-pack and defined biceps. I am not looking to look super muscular, drowning myself in protein shakes while doing cross-fit. That doesn’t sound fun at all. Instead, I will have milestone achievements when it comes to fitness.

So the New Year Resolutions 2019 for fitness is this:

Workout 3 times a week

Get a silver standard in IPPT in 2019. First milestone

Get a gold standard in IPPT in 2019. Second milestone

I have till September before the window period is open to do my IPPT. I can probably achieve silver, but gold is a tall order. Running within a certain timing is a huge challenge for me. It requires more specialised training aside from the usual runs or jogs that I do to keep my stamina up. I need to find a way to build up and increase my stamina, at the same time, have the strength and energy to run faster that ever before to achieve a run time that hit the gold standard.

I have 9 months to figure it out.

Thrice weekly workouts have become routine. Maybe I might challenge myself and do 4 times weekly. Keep it intense throughout the year.

We will see how it goes.

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