Happy New Year!!

There is so many things to look forward to in 2019. My New York and Morocco travels are the biggest events I am looking forward to the most, especially in the first half of the year. Things are a little hazy in the second half. Graduation ceremony will take place in the middle of the... Continue Reading →

New Year Resolutions 2019.

I need to find time to craft my new year resolutions for 2019. For the past few years, I have crafted them and it seemed to have helped in achieving most of my goals and put my life in order. Although not foolproof, writing my resolutions and goals for the year has helped me keep... Continue Reading →

What 2017 brought and what will 2018 bring

2017 has been an interesting year. It was the year I started my Master's studies, MSc in Science Communication, the departure of my supervisor at work, my computer rig GPU upgrade to an Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080ti, vacation in Vancouver and Seattle, the first for me on a North American continent, purchase of my first... Continue Reading →

New Year Resolutions 2017 is shaping up

I am in the process of writing my New Year Resolution for 2017. Emphasis will be given on advancing my career, making preparations to embark on a new journey. While I am doing that, I am also emphasizing on doing well in school, now that I am going back to study, enrolling myself on a... Continue Reading →

New Year Resolutions

Here are my New Year Resolutions   Stop impulsive buying Save more money Maintain my health and fitness Be consistent in your studies Be responsible Do not take things for granted, even the smallest things. Make more friends Be happy


Principles I, Jasrie would adhere to these principles that would guide me through life in 2011: 1.     Accept yourself 2.     Take in interest in the outside world. 3.     No fear, no surprise, no hesitation, no doubt. 4.     Change what you can change, let go of the rest. 5.     Aim to be the very best at... Continue Reading →

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