Circles Life

Last week I pulled the trigger and switched telcos from Singtel to Circles Life. I did this despite having an ongoing contract with Singtel on my current cellphone line. I switch knowing that I will have to pay and early termination fee because the exorbitant monthly fees that I am paying to Singtel on my current subscription no longer justifies the level of service I am getting as compare to the price that Circles Life is offering. Furthermore, despite knowing that I will need to pay the termination fee, the cost savings from my monthly bill in Circles Life will offset the cost of the termination fee well in advance the time it will take to be free from the contract.

I did the switch online, with a promotional offer for additional data and cash back rewards if I made the switch before the year’s end. It was seamless and within a day, the new sim card arrived with a sleek looking welcome package. Although the porting of my current number from Singtel to Circles Life will not take place till the evening on the 2nd of January, I am hopeful that the transition will be smooth.

I am expecting an outstanding termination fee bill that I will have to pay to Singtel once the port is successful. But I don’t care. The fee is small and I will still save money in the mid term from the cost savings from the cheaper monthly bill that I will be paying to Circles Life.

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