New Year Resolutions 2019.

I need to find time to craft my new year resolutions for 2019. For the past few years, I have crafted them and it seemed to have helped in achieving most of my goals and put my life in order. Although not foolproof, writing my resolutions and goals for the year has helped me keep... Continue Reading →

A little setback regarding my New York trip

So previously my family booked a couple of a AirBnB accommodation in New York. It was the most economical option available, considering that hotel stays in New York is crazy expensive. And with six of use travelling as a family, it makes sense to book our accommodation on AirBnB, where we can book an entire... Continue Reading →

Down with the flu

Last week, just before I was due to fly to Jogjakarta for my holidays, I decided to go to my colleagues house to finalise the accommodation for our Morocco trip in 2019. As I arrive, I noticed that she wasn't feeling very well. Red nose and teary eyed, I knew she had the flu from... Continue Reading →

Acqua Di Gio Absolu

It is the time of the year again where the current fragrance that I have been using for the past year starts to run out. This means that I get the chance to try out a new fragrance that is suitable for daily use for 2019. Last year at around this time, I bought the... Continue Reading →

New York Itinerary planning has begun

Last week I borrowed a couple of travel books for both Morocco and New York. Last weekend however, I had some time to go through those books, especially the New York one and started taking down some notes and places of interested that I must visit on my upcoming vacation to New York. Things are... Continue Reading →

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