Circles Life (First Three Weeks)

At the beginning of the year in 2019, I took the plunge to switch my telco from Singtel to Circles Life. I took up their promotion of a $120 credit paid out over 12 months, in which it will be applied to deduct your overall monthly bills. I took the $28 plan with bonus data... Continue Reading →

Circles Life

Last week I pulled the trigger and switched telcos from Singtel to Circles Life. I did this despite having an ongoing contract with Singtel on my current cellphone line. I switch knowing that I will have to pay and early termination fee because the exorbitant monthly fees that I am paying to Singtel on my... Continue Reading →


The preregistration for the new iPhone 6 was up on Singtel's website yesterday. I took the opportunity to register my interest by entering my personal particulars including my email address. The preregistration is similar to past practices of registering your interest in getting Apple's new phone. With your email in their mailing list, you will... Continue Reading →

Digital magazine subscriptions

I have been a National Geographic subscriber for more than a year now. The subscription I am talking about is the digital version of the magazine. It has all the contents of a regular physical magazine, but you read digitally, from your iPad or iPhone. Though you don’t have the physical copy, there are several advantages to subscribing to a digital... Continue Reading →

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