Picture of the Week: Korankei Valley, Japan

Picture of the week: This picture was taken during my travels to Japan in the month of November 2015. I was there to capture the autumn season. It was towards the end of November, and the autumn leaves were in full swing, with trees shedding their leaves, bursting with colours of oranges, yellows and reds.... Continue Reading →

Day one 2 Journal + Notes

I saw the price for the new, revamped app to the ever popular Day One journaling app. Isn't it a little too expensive? And that's, I presume, is the price after a 50% discount sale going on right this week. I used Day One app for a short while but I can't really commit to... Continue Reading →

A shout-out to Nordic Visitor

For the past couple of months while planning our trip to Iceland, Nordic Visitor has been extremely helpful in giving us advice, tips and most importantly, assisting us in booking our accommodations, car rental and activities for our trip. Without them, planning our itinerary would have been much more difficult. They were extremely helpful in... Continue Reading →

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