A shout-out to Nordic Visitor

For the past couple of months while planning our trip to Iceland, Nordic Visitor has been extremely helpful in giving us advice, tips and most importantly, assisting us in booking our accommodations, car rental and activities for our trip. Without them, planning our itinerary would have been much more difficult. They were extremely helpful in ensuring that all our needs are met and that we have a place to stay in every leg of our journey. The itinerary that we came up with, they were extremely flexible in meeting to our needs, especially when we allow locals to help us and trust them in knowing what is best for us.

Nordic Visitor has a number of tour packages to suit different needs. And they were kind and flexible enough to modify the original itinerary that we chose from their website to suit our needs. For example, it is possible, that through them, they were able to extend the total number of days to the original itinerary from their offerings. And they were helpful in giving useful advice and tips on what to do, and where to stay for the extra days that we wish to extend in our travels. The email responses were prompt, and friendly, loaded with extra, useful information that made our decision making process much simpler and well-informed. They did everything for us and gave us a customised itinerary which is wonderful. All the guesswork, was done by them, and you can always trust them in giving good local advice when planning your travel itinerary.

I can wait to visit Iceland in about a week’s time. I would definitely stop by their office and say hi to our travel agent that has been so kind in making this process smooth.

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