Resubscribing to The New Yorker

Sometime last year, I subscribed to The New Yorker, taking advantage of the 3 month subscription promotion for only $1 an issue for 12 issues. It was a good deal and I had not only access to the latest issue of the magazine, but also it's archive. I loved The New Yorker. Its long form... Continue Reading →

Day one 2 Journal + Notes

I saw the price for the new, revamped app to the ever popular Day One journaling app. Isn't it a little too expensive? And that's, I presume, is the price after a 50% discount sale going on right this week. I used Day One app for a short while but I can't really commit to... Continue Reading →

A little stale

I had some time to review my blog and to see what I have written down here. Honestly, it kinda sucks. I haven't been updating much for the past year, and most of my posts are just simply uninspiring. I have never written anything thoughtful or reflective of late and lately I just can't seem... Continue Reading →

Blogging and writing

I have been blogging for many years now. I enjoy doing it as writing is indeed therapeutic. There is no central theme or topic that I passionately talk about. It's simply about my life in general. No one wants to read about my life. I don't write to gain popularity (or infamy). I just write... Continue Reading →

Improved wordpress app interface

Hi there, I know it's been a long time since I updated my blog. The truth to the matter is that, in august, I started trying the Day One app as my alternative blogging platform. For 3 weeks or so I tried the app, and there are some really nice features that are just not... Continue Reading →

Migrated all my blog posts

I have successfully migrated all my blog posts that I have written from various blog services to this blog. That amounts of 11 years of blog posts, or more than 800 entries. Now my entire collection of blog entries that surmounts to ¬†an account of 11 years of my life is complete and in chronological... Continue Reading →

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