Food poisoning saga

I had food poisoning just 2 days before my most anticipated holiday trip to Korea a month back. I was looking forward to my trip when food poisoning struck me down. Hard.

Getting food poisoning in singapore is quite rare. I cannot remember the last time I ate outside and had a bad tummy ache. But I got it and it was just 2 days before I was due to fly off for a holiday. With just 48 hours to recover, it really dampened by spirits and I still had mild diarrhea while in Korea. At one point in time, it was so bad, I was constantly vomiting, a fever broke during the night, and I had absolutely no appetite for food, leading to malaise and general weakness. I lost so much strength and energy during that short period, that I pushed away all food offered to me for the first 2 days into my Korea trip.

I hate the feeling of nausea and vomiting. I remembered I puked spinach out that was from the dinner meal I ate with my friends just hours before the illness struck. I was the only one with food poisoning. None of my friends had it. That narrows down the type of food that I ate that evening that caused me such pain and suffering.

And that would most likely be the lava cake with vanilla ice cream that I had at Haato. It’s not a 100% certainty. There is the escargot that I ate as well but I shared that with my friends and they ate it too. They were fine.
Now that I think of it, it had to be the lava cake. While I didn’t tasted anything strange from that lava cake, I think it tasted kinda stale now that I think of it. I remembered not liking it, as if the cake was devoid of the usual richness and moistness of the cake and the liquid chocolate found within. I dismissed it in the end, thinking that it could probably be due to not microwaving it properly, since the core of the cake wasn’t warm and moist like it was suppose to. It came with the ice cream, though I think the ice cream was fine that day.

And I ate.the.whole.thing. By myself. 6 hours later, while I was in bed, I started feeling it. The churning of my tummy. Like a mini tornado in my gut, twisting and turning, yanking my intestines, till I can’t take it any longer. The first pass was all liquid brown. Then subsequently, I felt bloated. My tummy continued churning, and the pain began. Soon nausea took over. I knew I had been poisoned. Bad bacteria from the spoiled food overwhelming my good bacteria in my gut. Total destruction. The next 48 hours was hell.

At least it wasn’t a viral infection, like norovirus. That would have taken me 2 weeks at least to recover. And I would have no choice but to cancel my trip, forcing my friends to go on ahead for their holiday without me.

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