New Year’s Resolutions

2015 is around the corner and amidst the celebration and gift exchanges, one need to find time to sit down and reflect on 2014, so that you can come up with the New Year's Resolution. Personally, I think it is important to come up with one. And not just come up with one on a... Continue Reading →

Buying more stuff does not make you happy

I have experienced it before. Buying more stuff does not make you happy in the long run. I just makes you miserable after the 'high' wears off. Numerous studies have already shown that. Having material wealth does not equate to increasing happiness. I have written down on my notebook to declutter my life and recently... Continue Reading →

A haze of thoughts

Recently, for some odd reason, a lot is going through my mind. Perhaps, I am sensing an undercurrent of change that is going to bubble up to the surface in the near future. I have been thinking a lot about it as well, because I know it will come up to the surface sooner, rather... Continue Reading →

Ordered my second Ethnotek bag!

I received an email from Ethnotek advertising for last minute holiday gift shopping. As I read it, they were promoting 40% off the price of certain bags and items sold from the online store. And lo and behold, I saw one of the most beautiful Thread designs from Ethnotek bags. I bought my first bag... Continue Reading →


2015 is around the corner, and a new home improvement project is underway. Right after our major holiday trip to New Zealand, plans are underway to revamp one of the rooms that my dad frequently uses in our home. So we have been recycling old books, tons of my old university notes neatly stored in... Continue Reading →

Thank you New Zealand

Auckland will be the final destination before ending my 2 week vacation and heading home. For the past 12 days I have seen and experienced many wondrous things in New Zealand. I am deeply humbled by those experiences. Many of the things I did were the very 'firsts' in my life. Bungy jumping, extreme aviation,... Continue Reading →

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