App in the Air

I came across a new travel app for the iOS called “App in the Air’. It basically keeps track of all your air travels you have ever done in your life. What you do is simple: Just key in basic information such as airline, flight number and date of flight and it will automatically find the correct flight that you have booked and it will be stored in the app. The neat thing about this app is that it shows you a visual representation of your travels on a global map (drawn from Apple Maps) The more travels you add past, present and future, the more lines of travel it will be drawn on the map. So it basically shows you a personal world map of all your travels you have ever done.

As you key in flights that you have booked, you can send reminders to yourself to either do an online check-in, make a list of things to pack prior to departure and more. It will show even you the departure gate, check-in timing and many more. You can even leave feedbacks on whether the flight was on-time, delayed or cancelled. It also has a chat room for other users of the app to share information on airplane, flight or the airport of your destination. Overall, It’s a pretty simple app to use and navigate.

One qualm I had about this app was the difficulty in inputting past flight details. It doesn’t seem to have reliable flight information if you input your past flight details past a certain date. It is as if the database is not there. That is understandable considering that some of my flight information that I tried entering was close to 10 years ago. Even I don’t have the exact flight details except from the departure and arrival day and the airline that I flew with. All these old information was quite hard to come by myself. I had to cross-reference against old email records, flight confirmation letters, and even this blog to confirm my flight information. Thank god for this blog. I blogged my past travels and it was a treasure trove of information.

So while you may not have the exact flight information, you can still input your flight details with some rough estimation. So long as the departure and arrival location, as well as your departure and arrival timing makes sense, the app will still accept it and will update it in your travel map. It will also automatically calculate the total distance you have travelled so far in the air as well as the number of hours spent in flight. (that is provided you added in the correct departure and arrival timing, something that you would have to make an educated guess or research online using Google)

Once you have a bunch of flight information stored, more lines appear indicating the places you have travelled on the world map. It’s pretty neat, and it makes me really want to travel even further and to more places in the future, just to take in more miles or hours spent traveling.

I have plans to travel even further next year. I just need to start planning.

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  1. Hello! Wow I never expected the co-founder to reply to my humble blog! Thanks for visiting and yes, I will leave feedback using the email you sent me real soon. So far I’m liking the app!

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