I ran after a month long hiatus

After my recent entry on NOT been running for the entire month, it got me reflecting that I should just start my running routine and not wait till after my New Zealand trip. I thought I would be spent after the run, but remarkably, I still keep to within acceptable timings, and I feel good!

Not only that, I made the effort of running an additional circuit. I clocked in at almost 7km. My usual routine was to run at 5km before stopping. It was tough, having to set you mind to run another round to reach the 7km mark. I rarely go beyond 6km, much less 7km.

In total, I have clocked 783km since I started using the Runkeeper app more than a year ago. I think I will try another 7km to round up to 790km this Thursday. I will give my body a rest tomorrow, maybe have a protein shake in the morning on the way to work for faster recovery.

So this coming Thursday, another 7km. I’m gonna do it! Then another 2 running sessions before my New Zealand trip to reach the 800km milestone! Things are starting to look good!

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