Haven’t been running for a month


So there is a lapse. A major one. I haven’t been running for a month. That is 4 weeks. 12 session of running not done. The last time I had a major lapse such as this one was when I went back to serve my National Service. But that was a pretty good excuse. I don’t have time to run. My time spent in camp babysitting a bunch of recruits was tiring enough.

This time however, I think my excuse was pretty weak, save for one. I had food poisoning prior to my trip to Korea with my friends. My trip, 10 days, spans over 2 weeks. I stopped running a week before the trip. My excuse was to rest my body for the ton of hiking, walking and sightseeing we were about to do together in Seoul and Jeju. And sure enough we did a fair bit of walking and hiking to the point I had cracked heels. I don’t usually have cracked heels unless the local weather is dry, and I did a lot of walking. So I guess that kinda pays off a little bit from my lack of running.

The food poisoning wasn’t helping either. It took me about several days to recover while I was out in Korea that was suppose to be an enjoyable trip, not about finding the nearest toilet when I’m about to let go. Trust me, it wasn’t fun, having to be constantly aware of the nearest toilet when you are recovering from food poisoning. Your guts become decimated. Like a cold reboot of your entire gut. You just can’t control your bowels during this period. I was weak. I didn’t eat much, but I recovered quickly enough to enjoy the rest of my holiday.

Then I came back, and now in 2 weeks time another holiday is on the horizon. And between last week and 2 weeks from now, I haven’t had the motivation to run. That was until I saw my run keeper app telling me how many weeks have passed since you last run and sheer emptiness of that was originally supposed to be filled with blue bricks indicating all the running sessions that I missed out on.

So my excuse was the same. Rest my body for the trip ahead. Yada yada yada. And its the reaching the end of the year. Perhaps I could just reboot my running regime for 2015 and start all over from there. Maybe I could start earlier, maybe after my New Zealand trip. I am hoping (and getting close) to get the new Jawbone Up3 fitness tracker. It looks sleek. Super sleek, and it tracks heart rate and sleep patterns as well. I think I’m getting it. This could be just what I need to motivate me to run. It would be fun to really keep track of my daily activities including my sleep from one single app, ‘UP’, with peripheral app specific activities like Runkeeper and Pillow for more in-depth look at the various activities I do for the day.

I need to start writing my New Year Resolutions as well. Maybe with the upcoming new year and the Jawbone Up3 fitness tracker I could start to intensify my running routine. Maybe I should do that.

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