Appointment booking

It was intense. I was set. The web page was up. I entered the URL minutes before the scheduled opening, and waited. The email announcing the time and the private URL was sent days ago. Only now, the page appears, showing 2 phones in all it’s glory. There were 2 buttons below both phones.

2:59pm. I checked the time on my desktop against my phone. It’s in perfect synchrony. I waited patiently for the clock to hit 3pm, my fingers on the mouse button, hovering just above the link that was situated below the iPhone 6.

3pm. Crunch time. I clicked the link. The page began to load. It seemed like an eternity. A million thoughts went through my mind. What if I don’t get it? How long will I have to wait? The blue loading bar on my Safari inches it’s way across the URL bar. The page refreshes. A form appeared. I feverishly entered my personal particulars, already memorising the keystrokes that I needed to enter, it’s positions, it’s smooth plastic white keys as I felt my way across the keyboard clicking the right ones at the right sequence. All without looking at the keyboard. Directed by instinct. I have entered it thousands of times. It shouldn’t feel alien to me by now. And yet, precious seconds went by, I still looked at the keyboard, making sure I’m hitting the right keys. No mistakes, all done in record timing, flawless.

3:00pm and 15 seconds later, 6 options presented in front of me. Space grey. Check. 64gb. Check. Oh? A pull down menu. I almost missed that option. 8pm – 10pm Friday 19th September. Check. The final lap. I clicked on the “Next” button.

“Congratulations! Your appointment is confirmed.” Huge fonts splashed in front of me. I blinked several times. I read those words again. I checked the details. Indeed, it was true. I got my appointment. And with that appointment, I’m finally getting the new phone on 19th of September. I have just beaten thousands of others just like me clamouring for the new gadget, many, who no doubt will be disappointed that they missed out on their chance. Many who would later be ranting on Facebook, and forum pages their woes on not getting their phones on day one. But for me, it’s not this day. Preparation certainly helped.

I printed the confirmation slip surreptitiously using my office printer. I collected the slip, and placed it on my desk. I stared at it for a moment. This is my golden ticket. The ticket to own the latest iPhone 6. Can’t Friday come any sooner?

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