The preregistration for the new iPhone 6 was up on Singtel’s website yesterday. I took the opportunity to register my interest by entering my personal particulars including my email address.

The preregistration is similar to past practices of registering your interest in getting Apple’s new phone. With your email in their mailing list, you will get up to date information on when you can place your orders through their website. In addition, you will be able to select a time slot to make your purchase and collect your brand new iPhone.

iPhones sell like hotcakes in Singapore, and Singapore is one of the most wired nations on earth. Pre-registering, singtel would be able to anticipate demand, and hopefully fulfil the initial orders for customers who are extremely eager to get their new phone on launch day itself. They will email customers who pre-registered, the date and time for the actual pre-order. Most likely, the initial batch of phone would be sold in minutes. Yes that’s not a typo, really, in minutes, as soon as the preorder page is up, people would be scrambling to secure their iPhones.

As before when newer models is iPhone are released, I have already ore registered, now I just have to wait their email and announcement of when the order page is up. I am also waiting for the contract phone prices to be released. Hopefully it’s not too expensive. I am planning to use some of my flexi-benefit scheme from the company that I’m working in, to offset some of the cost associated with subs handset upgrade. Hopefully it’s within the amount I’m allowed to claim so that I would essentially be free when I get my new iPhone.

Fingers crossed, hopefully I’m fast enough to secure my order. And by the way I have expressed my interest in getting the iPhone 6, 4.7 inch, 64gb space grey version.

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