iPhone 6 first impressions

It took me 2 hours to collect my phone that I reserved through Singtel. The collection was at the Marina Bay Sands Expo Hall 1, where they set up more than 50 counters for the 15,000 or so customers who managed to reserve a spot for an appointment to collect the phone they have selected through the ordering website.

I was quite surprised at the sheer number of people on the first day of collection. My appointment was from 8pm to 10pm, the last slot of the first day of collection, and already no doubt thousands of other people also decided to collect on that day as well. It was crowded, but not overly packed, as the crowd control was really quite well done. They set a series of queues, to screen for people who do have an appointment with Singtel, so as to control the amount of people in the expo hall.

But the wait was worth it. While waiting there were booths of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus on display for customer to get a hands-on on the device. I managed to try holding the iPhone 6 plus in my hands and boy it looked really gorgeous. The huge and colorful display was enough to entice you to get the bigger version and cause iPhone 6 plus envy. But no, rationally speaking, the phone is just too big for me. It really require 2 handed operation on most occasions, something that I don’t quite like if I’m using while on the move.

I decided to get the iPhone 6 a while back, thinking on the lines that the size, while a modest upgrade to the iPhone 5S in terms of size, it would be sufficient enough for one hand use. And indeed, my first impression was how thin this phone is. And the thinness really lends itself to how comfortable it is to hold in your hand, all at the same time, being able to use just one hand without feeling too uncomfortable.

I’ve been using it for 24 hours now, and looking closely at the phone, I must say, it’s perfection redefined. The workmanship is stellar. Every inch of the phone is meticulously crafted, down to the fines detail. It is avant garde level of design and engineering.

The display is top notch, as always in past iPhones. Though the pixel density is the same as the previous iPhones, colour and contrast remains excellent.

There are still several aspects of the phone including the iOS 8 that I have yet to try in greater detail, but overall, hardware wise, I think this is one of the best phone Apple has released in recent years, and one of the most significant in recent memory.

There is no doubt the lots of people are going to fall in love with the new iPhone, especially with a bigger screen. It feels liberating to have a little more extra screen space, while keeping the overall Apple-like quality we all love.


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