Subscribed to The New York Times

While you can read any articles on The New York Times for free, you can only do so on a number of articles per month. This restriction is imposed to those who do not subscribe to The New York Times.

I recently subscribed to The New York Times digital subscription with smartphone app access. The monthly subscription is not cheap, but I managed to get education pricing which is 50% off its usual price. By using an edu email account, which I have currently, I was able to get a sweet deal out of the subscription package. Now, I can enjoy reading the daily paper from the website or through the app in my smartphone. So far, it’s been great. I have always enjoyed reading articles from NYT. The quality of reporting is superb and the international news coverage is comprehensive but at the same time, doesn’t bog you down with excessive details. They are succinct, to the point and largely neutral in the reporting.

As a subscriber I also get access in using the web app that gives you a very clean interface in reading the articles found on the print version of the paper. With sections you can easily jump to, on the left panel and the main article on the right, it is easy to navigate and read the articles one by one, without losing track of where you are at in the paper that you are currently reading. The sections are easy to navigate and the titles of the articles are neatly arranged below the section heading, making the jump to any article simple and fast. Overall, reading the digital paper online using the app on your computer or notebook is a really pleasant experience.

The downside however is that given the fact that you are given complete access, reading the entire paper everyday is just not practical. And some sections are covering local news, happenings in New York or certain states in the USA, which doesn’t really appeal much to me. I am more interested in the international, and world sections of the paper.

Every article in the app that reflects the article found on the printed paper can also be shared through social media and it is freely accessible to anyone who wants to read it. It is a great plus for me, as I find articles written by The New York Times to be excellent in terms of accuracy, reliability, and trustworthiness. In this day and age of false advertising, inaccurate reporting and bogus facts, rumors and half-truths, it is difficult to sieve out what is true and what is false on the internet and especially through your feeds on social media. I hope that by having access to the articles, I can finally get to know what’s happening around the world from a more trustworthy source and hopefully share this information through my social media feeds so that my friends and peers can get good reporting on major events around the world.

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