Travel plans


So  I haven’t got a job yet. It is going to take a while till I land a job, but I am optimistic that it will come soon. I just have to keep on searching. I was chilling with my friends when one of them broached the subject of travelling plans in the coming months and into the following year.  I love travelling, and I don’t mind going for a good vacation for about a week or two to just about anywhere with my friends. But organising one can be quite difficult, especially when everyone is working and each of them have their own respective commitments. But a few a ideas were being brought up on that day.

One is to go for a short holiday like Bangkok. It would be a fun trip of shopping and sightseeing, especially with friends. It’s cheap, and it only takes a few days to fully enjoy the city. It also doesn’t take much planning. Just book a budget flight, cheap hotel and we would all be set. The only thing to agree on are the travel dates. That is easy to organise and one that I am confident we would most likely go in the coming months, if we all commit to it.

One of them have plans to go to Hokkaido at the end of the year. It might be difficult, especially for me, when I have yet to find a job and that taking an extended leave just starting out on my future job, may not seem very nice in front of my boss.  And the travel budget is significantly larger than the Bangkok trip. But it is still possible, given sound planning and organisation. I don’t mind tagging him along if I have saved up money for the trip. It would be an incredible adventure travelling up the northern part of Japan and experiencing snow. And the seasonal food!

I then met up with my poly friends, and one of them just came back from their own Europe trip. They went to several countries like Spain, Italy, France, all in a span of two weeks. They had an amazing time over there. He mentioned to me that he had plans to travel to Russia, and into Eastern Europe for a couple of weeks. Travel budget is rather large but economical, given the scale and length of travel. That is possible for me too, because I would have time to save up for the trip in 2014. I could even ask my friend along, so that we can have at least 4 of going as a group. A perfect number of people for travelling. But it’s far into the future and have lots of uncertainties. One thing is for sure though; it is interesting itinerary worth exploring.

He also had grand plans to travel to southern part of Africa, and also Latin America like Mexico, Peru, Brazil and Argentina. But those are merely plans and nothing concrete.

The reason why i brought up the topic of travel was that I never fully considered travelling as an option once I get a job and start my career. Once I have money saved, I could then start planning early, possibly with friends as well. It could well be a great motivator for me to save a larger portion of my money in the future so that I can travel. Bold plans require planning and foresight. And travelling requires bold plans.

Another reason was that, a friend of mine brought up an interesting notion. I have no commitment to any relationships yet. I am single, available and free. I just graduated, about to get my first real job and start off my career. But youth and the notion of being young and energetic is fast waning. Truth be told, I don’t technically have much time to really get to enjoy life by travelling before I have to settle down and take up more responsibilities later in life. He made a really good point. At my age, I think the ability to travel without any excess baggage should be a major priority in life, because you will only go through this phase of your life only once. So with that in mind, I think I will put ‘travel’ higher up in my life’s priorities.

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