The Name of Wind


Having completed my second read through of this amazing novel by Patrick Rothfuss, I am still at awed by the way it is written. Beautiful, engaging and the characters filled within the pages are believable and as real as it gets. I am so emotionally attached to the characters in the book, that I will remember them for the rest of my life, despite them being only fictional characters and not real people.

This is a 600 page tome, a heavy and fluffy by my standards when it comes to fantasy novels, but being the first in the series, it is considered light reading since you are not bogged down too much on the history and culture of a fantasy world the author created. Rather, he slides you in smoothly and slowly into his world without becoming overwhelmed from the beginning. The novel just gets better as you understand the characters more, their intentions and the lore and culture of the world, introduced as little snippets here and there, telling through tales of myths and legend. A story within a story as most people would say, when these myths and legends, fairy tales pertaining to the fantasy world Patrick Rothfuss wrote which are a great read as well as a good way to flesh out more about the culture, people, and history of the world.

It is quite rare for me to read a book the second time. And this book, is no exception. It took me a while to complete it, being 600 pages and all, but every page of it is an engaging as it once was when I first picked up this book. I think this is one of the best fantasy novels I have ever got the chance in reading it, and I have known that not many people actually knew about this book and the impact it has made within fantasy writers all around.

Now an even greater challenge, to read through, for the second time, a 1000 page sequel to The Name of The Wind. It is entitled The Wise Man’s Fear. Equally epic, I can’t wait to read the adventures found within the novel.

Patrick Rothfuss meant this novel to be an epic trilogy. The third book is not yet out and it is currently being written by Patrick Rothfuss. No date is set for it’s release. I think he may be taking his time to write a truly epic thousand page tome again and also to find a way to end the story without leaving any part of the story dangling. Honestly, I cannot wait, the last book was published in 2011. The first book, 2007. Assuming if he takes about the same time to write a sequel, 4 years, I would have guessed that it would be around 2015 before the next part of Kvothe’s adventure is made known to the world.

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