Selling my games and my books. (some of it)

I was looking at my bookshelf, packed with trinkets, figurines, souvenirs from friends around the world, and a couple of figurines. It is currently jam packed with stuff. So I decided to sell some of my books, especially the old ones, those that I would never read it again. It was hard to choose the books that I am willing to part ways with. But in the end, mostly they were fantasy books that I bought more than 10 years ago. All of them have aged to the point of being brown with spots. But they are still readable and the pages barely have any major creases in them.



The first batch of books are for sale. As you can see, a number of Forgotten Realms and Terry Brooks novels are up for sale. I have one by Jim Butcher. His very first novel on Harry Dresden. The series that I have come to love. I bought the first one and borrowed the other 13 or so books from the library. I devoured every Harry Dresden book he has ever released over the years. It is simply an amazing series. There is another set of books that I am planning to sell over time. Hopefully I can clear up some space in the bookshelf for more books in the future. This time however, it will surely take more time to fill it up, largely due to the fact that I read my books predominantly on E-books. I only buy physical books if they are good as reference material

On the games front, it is mainly PS3 games. PS4 is coming out in november, so there is really no reason for me to keep any of the PS3 games anymore. In fact, this afternoon, I successfully managed to sell off my copy of Modern Warfare 3, Black Ops and God of War III. I sell them cheap, cause I actually wanna clear them fast. They are also stored in my bookshelf. So thinning them up will be helpful in making space for future games. I plan to sell other games like the Uncharted Series, as well as the Dragon Age and Mass Effect series. These three franchises are the hardest for me to sell, because I love them so much and it kinda pains me to sell them off. Like recently, I managed to replay Uncharted 3 and enjoyed every moment of it. That was my third playthrough and it still gives me that sense of adventure and thrills that the game provides. And the graphics is just gorgeous. I can definitely say that no console game has ever come close in matching the graphical fidelity and colour palette that this game set out to achieve in a console. I am very excited to see what Naughty Dog has to offer in the next generation of console.

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