Happy 11th Anniversary blog!


I don’t usually do this, but today happens to mark the 11th anniversary of my blog!!  Actually, that is not accurate. The entries on this blog is a culmination of all other blog websites I have accumulated over the years. It is only recently that I managed to export all my entries from the other smaller blogs, and import it to wordpress here. And it has been imported in a chronological fashion, making it look like I have been blogging from one single site address for the past 11 years.

But what is true though, is that I have been blogging for a whopping 11 years! That is almost half my lifetime! And I will continue to do so, in my own little ways, on my own terms. I will definitely continue blogging till I grow old. Who knows, 40 years down the road, I might print every single entry and make into a book. My very own biography. A chronicle of my life. It would be interesting if I were to read my life again. And maybe cringe at how bad my writing can be. Reminisce the good old times, track my progress as a person. Relive and recelebrate the good days. Cry over the bad ones. It will be interesting where my life will go and I will definitely write it down here so that I will not forget the good and bad times of my life.

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