Downton Abbey



So I just started watching Downton Abbey, a British-made period drama about an aristocratic family in the early 20th century. After watching the entire season 1, I couldn’t believe myself as to why I didn’t watch this drama earlier. It was so good and I was hooked on it immediately, despite simply being a period drama.


I thought that these kind of shows wouldn’t interest me. I mean, its a period drama. How more boring could it get? Lots of talking and babbling about family related problems and issues. Just like any other afternoon soap opera was my first impression. But I was wrong. I was so wrong. The production values are excellent. The cast, characters, sets, and even costumes are immaculately created to the finest level of quality and authenticity of what is expected of a drama taking place in Great Britain during the early 20th century. I was soon drawn into the world of the aristocratic Crawley family and their issues which is essentially about the family’s estate at stake without a suitable male heir to pass it down to. What ensues are full of family politics, aristocratic ramblings, family intrigue and cut throat alliances forged and reforged between family members, each trying to gain an upper hand in the entire affair.

But that’s not all. The housemaids, valets, and butlers who manages the estate are also involved and they are as every bit interesting to see their perspective on the issues plaguing the Crawley family. Every one of them, the characters in the show as well as the actresses and actors playing those roles are every bit interesting and three dimensional. I cannot wait to continue watching the second season and see what is in store for the Crawley family. Will they finally get a male heir to continue the Crawley legacy? Will the servants plot against each other and perhaps get the better of the Crawley family for their own gains? Where do their loyalties lie? What will happen to the Crawley sisters?

All will be known in the future episodes of Downton Abbey.

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