Where all the beautiful people are

I have been to nightclubs a number of times. The best moments are when you are so high, but not yet drunk till you puke on the streets, blasting your favourite music, in the sickest beats the DJ can come up with, dancing to the  groove, with your favourite group of friends. Those were the best moments when I’m out clubbing. The precise moment when the amount of alcohol in your body is just right, the music is just perfect, and the crowd has just the right energy, that it seems the night could just go on forever. Song after song after song, they are all your favourites, and you feel immortal.

And night clubs are where all the beautiful people are. Both guys and girls. I don’t go clubbing just to find chicks. I’m there to have fun and let off steam. Im a terrible dancer, and not good in crowds. But it’s amazing what alcohol can do for you. When almost all social inhibitions are off, you feel like a different person. A person whom you really want to be. Outgoing, outspoken, extrovert, and not afraid of being in the center of attention. The confidence it gives you, and at the same time, not caring what the world thinks about you. All these are desired characteristics that most people would like to have. They have more energy, they feel alive while on the dance floor, not ashamed at his or her own terrible dancing, because everyone is on the same dance floor having a great time too.

But is it truly right to say that you need alcohol to feel a different you? Is it good for you in the long term to be dependent on alcohol in order to feel great? Like an illegal drug where many succumb to its addictive properties, so to can alcohol be as addictive. But while alcohol addiction is very unlikely to occur to me, I feel terrible that I have to resort to alcohol to make me feel great about myself. For me there is a difference between drinking to socialise, be happy, and feel good, to using alcohol to change your character and personality. And I feel really terrible having to resort to that to change who I am, and suppress my true introverted self even if its for that one night.

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