Getting fit

I realised that I did not write a New Year's resolution for 2013. But nonetheless, trying to stay fit and healthy is definitely in everyone's new year resolutions. I bought a new pair of running shoes, running shorts, and the free Runkeeper app to keep track of my running. I have started to form a... Continue Reading →

My undergrad days are numbered

Official date of my convocation ceremony: 31st July 2013. My undergrad days are numbered. After spending 4 years in NTU, it has finally come (once again) to begin a new chapter in my life. A chapter, full of uncertainties, where even the author doesn't know where the life story will lead to at the end... Continue Reading →

Downton Abbey

  So I just started watching Downton Abbey, a British-made period drama about an aristocratic family in the early 20th century. After watching the entire season 1, I couldn't believe myself as to why I didn't watch this drama earlier. It was so good and I was hooked on it immediately, despite simply being a... Continue Reading →

Sprinting on the train platform

I take the train to work every morning. Jurong East MRT station is one of the more crowded stations during peak rush hour. But why do people always sprint from one platform to another as if their life depended on it? These are some of the behaviours that I find most annoying. I mean, the... Continue Reading →

Australian Law, Medicine and Health Science Open Day

This afternoon I went to the Pan-Pacific Hotel, where they held the Australian Law, Medicine and Health Science Open Day. Having gone through a similar seminar and exhibition that showcases UK Universities, it was another fruitful day learning about the postgraduate courses on offer from several Australian Universities.   I now have a range of... Continue Reading →

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