The next chapter of my life

My time in NTU is about to end. I’m living my final days of my final semester doing my final year project. Soon I would  embark on another chapter of my life that could potentially be life changing and perhaps exciting.

I have been considering my options, and one of them is to continue my studies and attain a master’s degree in an overseas university. I have looked around for some good universities in Australia and the UK, and things are looking promising. For graduate studies, although the  intake of students on each course is small, but there are hundreds of taught and research based master’s programmes in all areas of studies, depending on the university. I have set my sights to try to apply for a UK university. I have attended talks and info sessions on various UK universities held here, where I live, and it all sounds so exciting. I cannot imagine myself being in UK London for a year to do my postgraduate studies.

But all these prospects are filled with challenges. For one, the application is not very straightforward. There is a lot of preparation needed for each university that I am applying to, and each needs to have some certain documentations that are not so easy to obtain within a suitable amount of time. I don’t know if I am able to apply in time for this year’s intake, but I will get everything done as soon as possible, so that at least for next year’s intake, I am all ready when the application datelines opens for the following year’s intake. Still I am trying my best to get the best possible shot in starting my postgraduate studies as soon as possible.

And then there is also the issue of financing for my studies. Studying in the UK is not cheap. I have to start looking for suitable scholarship that would fund my studies and if that don’t go well, I have to start looking for educational grants that would at least offset the burgeoning costs of studying overseas. It will be a rough journey for me, one fraught with lots of sacrifices and hard work before I can even being to imagine being given a place in the university that I want as well as a suitable avenue to fund my further studies.

I hope I doing the right thing by preparing the things I need for the application right now, rather than waiting till I graduate.

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