The new Amazon Kindle

I bought it. I finally bought it. Through the help of a friend, she helped me to buy one along with 5 other of her friends who also showed interest in getting the brand new kindle.

I have been using for about 3 days now, and I must say, that reading your favourite novels using the new Amazon Kindle, has got to be the best reading experience ever. I got the basic USD69 Kindle, and it is more than what I would expect out from an e-reader device. The resolution of the fonts and words that comes out from the screen is more than adequate. Sharp, easy to read fonts and a variety of setting to choose from to achieve your ideal reading settings makes this device the ultimate e-reader. The size of the device is small just like holding a trade paperback book, all without the weight and thickness of what you would get of an ordinary book. The Kindle feels light in your hands, but without feeling plasticky and cheap. It does have a solid feel to it. And I love the page turn buttons on both the left and right side of the device. This makes it suitable for both left-handers and right-handers when they want to turn the pages of the ebook in Kindle.

Ever since I got the Kindle, I download all my previously purchased books from Amazon without a hitch. It was fast, and extremely easy to do. Just register your device to your account and you will have instant access to your archives in which you can choose the books you want to download to Kindle. With the Kindle’s 2gb flash storage space, you can keep more than a thousand books within the device itself, eventually bringing your vast library of books with you where ever you go. And I like the idea of having your entire bookshelf with you always, wherever you go. The device is perfect for use while you are commuting to work or school. Just take it out, turn it on and you can start reading. The e-ink technology is vastly superior, making the fonts and background just like what you would get from an ordinary book, so you will feel right at home when reading your favourite novels.

With wifi, you can periodically turn it on so that you can sync your latest books you purchased from Amazon, or simply, use their browser to purchase new books right from the device itself. Currently, I have 4 books that I purchased ever since I got the device and it was super easy to buy, download and read immediately.

I foresee myself reading a lot more now with the device, and that is a good thing! With the 4 books that I have already purchase, I am well on my way to growing my library with Amazon. No longer will I have to but the physical books itself from the stores, and always thinking about where to store it, since my bookshelf have barely enough space as it is. And can you imagine all the trees that I would safe from all the papers printed for books? It will definitely be more environmentally friendlier reading through the kindle than buy the actual books themselves.

Im loving it. Im bringing it where ever I go. So that whenever I had the spare time, I can take it out from my bag and start reading.

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