New Year Resolutions 2017 is shaping up

I am in the process of writing my New Year Resolution for 2017. Emphasis will be given on advancing my career, making preparations to embark on a new journey. While I am doing that, I am also emphasizing on doing well in school, now that I am going back to study, enrolling myself on a... Continue Reading →

New Year’s Resolutions

2015 is around the corner and amidst the celebration and gift exchanges, one need to find time to sit down and reflect on 2014, so that you can come up with the New Year's Resolution. Personally, I think it is important to come up with one. And not just come up with one on a... Continue Reading →

The need for a Retina Display.

Apple have recently released a number of new products mainly the new line of Macbook Pros that are now Retina display. But does the premium price justify the need for a Retina display? I enjoyed the gorgeous screens from my iphone 4S. Its retina display and high pixel density truly creates a wonderful visual experience... Continue Reading →

What do I really want?

After much thought and the events that happened to me today, I feel that I should rewrite my New Year Resolutions, and create a new set of principles in life to guide me through 2011 and beyond. Two events happened today that forced me to rethink and rediscover what I truly want for 2011. The... Continue Reading →

New Year Resolutions and Goals of 2011

Academic -       Maintain a 4 point GPA average. -       Attain at least a B in biophysics -       Attain at least a B+ in the rest of the modules -     Be consistent in your revisions -       Attain a learning attitude, and keep an open mind Relationships -      Make new friends -       Maintain and strengthen old friendships... Continue Reading →

A healthier, greener me.

As part of the new year resolutions, I propose a healthier, greener me, in which it would complement my mantra for this year: BEG BORROW STEAL. Nah seriously, its just a set of initiatives to go into overdrive saving mode for 2010.I must admit, that I havent been exercising much last year, so I already... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year!!!

My Resolution (for now)Go swimming regularly! Study Harder and improve my GPA, long summer break, so study hard THEN play harder! no excuses in not putting my 100% JUST DO IT BITCH!! Achieve a B and above for all my grades this semester! NO C!!! Long vacation to Turkey!! WOOOOT! Gonna learn Photoshop during my... Continue Reading →

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